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Reflections from the Golden Years

The Statutory Rape of the United States

College government professors speak of three types of law:     Common Law: Evolved out of primitive efforts of past societies to bring order and justice to their dealings with one another. Legislators have long looked toward common law as a guide and Judges have long incorporated common law in developing precedent—unless the law has […]


Every time a twenty-dollar bill passes through our hands, we have an opportunity to see Thomas Jefferson’s visage. After you have read this, you will never look at his face in the same way. He was a living, breathing person who cared deeply about what was to happen to generations down the road. If he […]

Ungrabbing Land in Utah

In several recent posts I have documented ways in which the Federal Government seizes land from both states and individuals. I am reprinting the map that shows the percentages of each state. The preamble to the  Code of Ethics of the National Association of Realtors® reads as follows: “Under all is the land.  Upon its wise […]

Being Whacked by Obamacare

Someone very near and dear to me has very recently had surgery for cancer. After being released after 30 something hours, he and his spouse had to spend a couple nights in a motel to avoid the long drive home. His surgery was four hours late because of complications with the two patients that preceded […]


The underlying theme of Obama’s initial candidacy was the notion that the man was capable of changing the entire world. He so bought into his own voodoo, that he traveled to Germany, speaking to his fellow Citizens of the World. His fellow International Citizens could now beat their swords into plowshares. The lion would lie […]


According to writer Rick Wells, there are only 11 hospital beds in the United States qualified to accept highly infectious diseases such as Ebola. Many of the 219 million Americans and approx 12 million or more illegal aliens in this country may soon be competing for those 11 beds. The usual government solutions to such […]


What kind of reaction should we expect from other countries when our foreign policy is rife with mixed messages?  The question was asked by “Politico” in an article called “Barack Obama’s Mixed Messages.” Mixed messages denote uncertainty, waffling and weakness. As the old saying goes, “Give them an inch and they will take a mile.” […]


To come to us. But how many can we absorb in this country? We are already supporting almost half of our population, who seem to be permanently out of the workforce. When Americans used to go to these central and south American countries to adopt, the locals accused our country and the adoption agencies of […]

COPY OF THE LAW ESTABLISHING OBAMA’S PRIVATE ARMY assures you there is no cause to be concerned. Move on down the road, people; there is nothing to see here. Why should you worry when only the surgeon general can call up Obama’s corp? For starters, most people don’t even know who the surgeon general is. Actually it seems we only have an […]


President Tom Sawyer Obama has forced Rick Perry to paint the border fence. Our gutsy governor has stepped into the breach to defend our border without the money and manpower the federal government is obligated to provide. Moreover, Obama is punishing and hamstringing our state whenever he can. (i. e. denying or delaying FEMA monies […]

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