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  April 7, 2015       A GOOD DOSE OF PERSPECTIVE AND A BIGGER DOSE OF COMMON SENSE How stupid does the federal government think we are? Wait–don’t answer that question. Maybe we should be asking ourselves if the government elite are justified in thinking we are really, really dumb. Was P.T. Barnum right? […]

The Most Litigous Administration Ever – Part 3

March 25, 2015 WEAPONIZING AMERICA’S COURTS THE POLITICS OF PERSONAL DESTRUCTION  In 1966, Richard Cloward and Francis Fox Piven developed a plan for taking down our society by overwhelming it with welfare to the point the system collapses. Their plan was named, “A Strategy To End Poverty.” Their plan was set in motion by Lyndon […]

The Most Litigeous Administration Ever – Part 2

      As of the date of posting you have joined 1707 other followers   March 13, 2015 Of Foxes, Hen Houses and Lawsuits Politico quoted Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott (now Texas governor) describing his typical workday to a tea party group on April 30, 2013: “I go into the office, I sue […]

The Most Litigious Administration Ever

This blog has 1437 followers as of February 25, 2015     PART 1 BANKRUPTING AMERICAN WITH LAWSUITS Lawsuits are flying fast and furious between the states and the federal government. I have been unable to determine how much taxpayers’ money the federal government spends on these suits and how many of them there really […]

Mayor Guiliani Speaks Truth to Power

 As of the date of posting you have joined 1407 other followers  If you have just joined the site, please feel welcome to join our discussions and post your comments at the bottom. My Facebook page also contains issues not covered in this blog. February 22, 2015 Voltaire said “to learn who rules over you, […]

Teachers Quit Over Common Core

WELCOME NEW FOLLOWERS. You join 1158 followers as of 2/15/2015 In these days of high unemployment, how courageous it is for teachers to quit because they aren’t allowed to actually teach. Reagan said the scariest words in the English language are : I’m from the government and I’m here to help you. Ever since the […]

What’s My House Really, Really Worth?

For decades people have approached me with the same question: what are houses are selling for in my neighborhood, town or city? My answer was developed during almost half a century connected to real estate. During that time my career encompassed helping both buyers and sellers of real estate; several years as an appraiser of […]

The Statutory Rape of the United States

College government professors speak of three types of law:     Common Law: Evolved out of primitive efforts of past societies to bring order and justice to their dealings with one another. Legislators have long looked toward common law as a guide and Judges have long incorporated common law in developing precedent—unless the law has […]


Every time a twenty-dollar bill passes through our hands, we have an opportunity to see Thomas Jefferson’s visage. After you have read this, you will never look at his face in the same way. He was a living, breathing person who cared deeply about what was to happen to generations down the road. If he […]

Ungrabbing Land in Utah

In several recent posts I have documented ways in which the Federal Government seizes land from both states and individuals. I am reprinting the map that shows the percentages of each state. The preamble to the  Code of Ethics of the National Association of Realtors® reads as follows: “Under all is the land.  Upon its wise […]

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