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Obama – Head Chef

  I am addicted to TV cooking schools. I especially love the chef competitions. It occurs to me that the success of a country–especially a republic like ours, is totally dependent on the ingredients that our head chefs, (in this case the politicians) assemble and the way they cook them up. Our president not only […]

Mighty Oaks from Little Acorns Grow

Acorn is the discredited community organizing system that was deeply involved in  knocking down the first dominoes that led to the collapse of the housing market. When Acorn’s involvement in everything from voter fraud on down became obvious, Congress cut off the heavy flow of money and grants to the organization. At least they thought they […]

Pelosi–a Deer in Headlights

One of the drawbacks of getting older (notice I didn’t say old) is that the present generation seems oblivious to many of the icons that once entertained us and helped shape our attitudes toward the world. One such icon was the Li’l Abner comic strip. Artist Al Capp’s ability to satirize the ridiculous pomposity of […]


Shortly before the Savings and Loan Crises of the early 1980’s I took refuge in a job buying parkland for the City of Austin. My real estate friends told me I was crazy—there were gold nuggets all over the ground and you did not have to bend your knees to pick them up. I was […]