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Heads I Win; Tails You Lose

In the game liberals are playing, there is no way you can win, Even if you are a big supporter of their policies–or maybe especially if you are a big supporter of their policies–you are likely to find yourself on the losing end of the coin toss.  Then you wake up and realize the only […]

Divided and Conquered

President Obama has worked tirelessly from the first day of his presidency to divide and conquer the citizens of the United States. Hardly a day goes by that charges of racism are not hurled from every orifice–woops, I mean office and department under the president’s jurisdiction and control. Remember the 2009 incident during which black Harvard […]


“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize” – Voltaire In my December posting Obama’s Pandora’s Box,  I lifted the entire text from the Obamacare bill that established Obama’s “domestic force”, designed to be larger and better funded than our military. I also included a video of […]


When Lenin and Marx set out to “save” the Russian people, there were mainly two classes of people in that country: the very rich and the very poor. In the end Communist revolutionaries simply substituted themselves for the rich ruling class and tightened the noose of control around the poor. In the Russia of that […]