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COPY OF THE LAW ESTABLISHING OBAMA’S PRIVATE ARMY assures you there is no cause to be concerned. Move on down the road, people; there is nothing to see here. Why should you worry when only the surgeon general can call up Obama’s corp? For starters, most people don’t even know who the surgeon general is. Actually it seems we only have an […]


President Tom Sawyer Obama has forced Rick Perry to paint the border fence. Our gutsy governor has stepped into the breach to defend our border without the money and manpower the federal government is obligated to provide. Moreover, Obama is punishing and hamstringing our state whenever he can. (i. e. denying or delaying FEMA monies […]


Wake up America You thought you elected a president from the Democrat Party, but what you actually got was a president who sprung from New Party. Never heard of it? That is not surprising since many of the major media seem to subscribe to the same tenets that drove Richard Cloward and key founder of […]

Of Mice and Men-The Latest Skirmish in the Fed’s Battle Against Ranchers

From the ridiculous to the ridiculous (there is no sublime). DON’T FENCE US OUT: The Lucero family (from left to right, Orlando, Mike and Manuel) say the U.S. Forest Service is going overboard with a proposed 8-foot-high fence in the Santa Fe National Forest. You won’t believe the reason–it is to save a mouse. Government […]