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Every time a twenty-dollar bill passes through our hands, we have an opportunity to see Thomas Jefferson’s visage. After you have read this, you will never look at his face in the same way. He was a living, breathing person who cared deeply about what was to happen to generations down the road. If he […]

Ungrabbing Land in Utah

In several recent posts I have documented ways in which the Federal Government seizes land from both states and individuals. I am reprinting the map that shows the percentages of each state. The preamble to the  Code of Ethics of the National Association of Realtors® reads as follows: “Under all is the land.  Upon its wise […]

Being Whacked by Obamacare

Someone very near and dear to me has very recently had surgery for cancer. After being released after 30 something hours, he and his spouse had to spend a couple nights in a motel to avoid the long drive home. His surgery was four hours late because of complications with the two patients that preceded […]