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Packing the Supreme Court

          March 31, 2016       The concept of a political system based on checks and balances  has always been anathema to those who believe they can wield power and run the country better than anyone else. Obama’s eagerness to tip the balance of the Supreme Court to the far […]


March 6, 2016   Presidential Primaries are flawed in a way that local and state elections are not. I never could figure out how a winner could be declared in a race in which votes are divided between multiple candidates without a runoff. In most elections, if more than 2 candidates are running and none […]


March 4, 2016 Or do they? “(CNSNews) With a smiling Vice President Joe Biden sitting beside him, President Barack Obama gave a speech at the White House today, declaring that ‘the facts don’t lie’ and that the American economy ‘is pretty darn good right now.’” Facts don’t lie, but economists (and politicians) do. In a […]