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June 22, 2016     Hillary is missing key elements that helped the first Clinton administration to hang on through two terms and to escape the worst image-killing effects of Bill’s governance. ADVISERS: A. Bill Clinton: Wisely surrounded himself with effective advisors that were willing to buck the president and guide the wheels of his […]

New Unemployment Rate is Actually 37.4%

JUNE 3, 2016 NEW JOB FIGURES PLUMMETING   According the the National League of Cities, there are 39,044 cities, towns, etc in the United States. The so-called new jobs involve less than one job per town. With new workers pouring across our borders; with new workers graduating from universities and entering the labor market, we […]

Hair of the Dog that Bit You

June 1, 2016 From Whitewater to Fannie Mae       I was pleased to see Townhall post a reminder  this week that the Clintons played a large part in the collapse of Fannie Mae. Voters that ignore this fact must be determined to see history repeat itself. The community redevelopment act Larry Kudlow referred […]