Musings by Marian

Reflections from the Golden Years

Life is something that happens to you while you are making other plans. My best-laid plans were put on hold for almost a half-century when I took a temporary job as a real estate broker, and later as an appraiser. There was no better career for a student of human nature. Thousands of wonderful people passed through my office and my life. I learned more from them than they ever learned from me.

I met people who had escaped from war-torn areas and the worst kind of despots and dictators.

I spent the evening of Reagan’s election with one of his financial advisers. (I was helping him settle his mother’s estate by selling her house.) What an education that was.

During the famous bust of the early 80’s, I took refuge (or so I thought) as a bureaucrat, buying parkland for the City of Austin and later as a supervisor of leasing.

I was inside the clockworks of government—watching the cogs grind away. Or, you might say, I was privy to the making of laws and sausage. In this capacity, I learned things every citizen should know, and that politicians and bureaucrats do not want you to know.

I  owned offices in Abilene, Austin and the entire Dallas, Fort Worth Metroplex.

During this long journey, I have embraced improvements and technology with gusto. I was the first woman to wear pants on the local MLS bus (gasp). I owned the first hand-held calculator in Abilene (a client bought it for me in New York City.)

In this blog I will be passing along some of the things I learned from others, along with the things I learned when I graduated from the school of hard knocks—magna cum laude.