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November 29, 2016

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A leading contender to head the Democrat Party is Muslim Rep. Keith Ellison. As the first Muslim elected to Congress, he is a prominent proponent of the use of Sharia Law within the United States. So what does Representative Ellison have in common with Poncho Villa?

You may have heard of Poncho Villa, the so-called bandito who attacked Texas and New Mexico beginning in 1915. In conjunction with a group called the sediciosos, who were operating under the Plan de San Diego,  they attempted to establish an independent Mexican republic using all the territory won from Mexico in 1848.

Kaiser Wilhelm reportedly saw an opportunity to undermine the United States by encouraging Villa and the plan, which called for attacks on infrastructure, including railroad trestles, irrigation pumping stations, the King Ranch and the capture of key cities throughout the targeted region.

The threat was great enough to prompt President Woodrow Wilson to order federal troops to assist Texas Rangers in dealing with invaders after an attack on the Norias Ranch, a subsidiary of the great King Ranch.  As the threat from the Kaiser grew, the fear that Mexico would join the Kaiser in the war against the states also grew. Wilson subsequently sent General John J. Pershing into Mexico in an attempt to capture Villa.

Despite promising to keep the United States out of the war in Europe, the threat to the world of a potential Kaiser win and the further destabilization of  a revolution ridden Mexico made it impossible for the U. S. to remain neutral.

Element of the Plan de San Diego, as of February 20, 1915 were:

♦Form the “Supreme Revolutionary Congress of San Diego” backed by the “Liberating Army for Races and Peoples”, with red and white flag emblazoned by “Equality & Independence.”

♦Assign different cities to different commanders, who are responsible for raising resources and maintaining order in the conquered city.

♦Forbid the taking of prisoners. Any captive that refused to furnish funds for the continuation of the war and joined its efforts would be summarily shot.

♦Any person bearing arms that was not a member of the revolution would be summarily shot.

♦Every North American over age sixteen to be put to death except the aged and women.

♦All Indian lands to be returned; especially Arizona land to Apaches. (note: not well thought out. All the lands were originally held by the native Americans.)

♦Creation of a banner for blacks and assistance in forming six independent black states within the seized states. (note: this was not well thought out—what if they wanted land in Arizona held by the Apache?)

♦Later Option to rejoin Mexico. (This insulated Mexico from retribution by President Wilson).

The rest of the provisions were mainly housekeeping items.

Even after the defeat of the plan, the seeds of the Plan de San Diego keep sprouting. While the fruit may be hybrid, the underlying plant is always recognizable.

La Raza Unida, while incorporating essential elements of retaking territory lost by Mexico in 1848, has recognized the value of patience and using creeping violence that cannot be directly connected to Mexico, as did the Plan de San Diego.  They recognized that replacement of Anglo populations does not have to be a “shoot on sight” method that prompts a sitting president to send in troops like Wilson did.  Killings attributed to lone wolf individuals such as the 2016 murder of Kate Steinle in California provoke small scale opposition only and does nothing to halt implementation of the Unida part of La Raza.  (Publicly the organization dropped the use of the term Unida when the American public realized what that term entailed.)

The fact that the murder was committed by an illegal alien that had been deported five times cannot be enough in today’s society to provoke any meaningful reaction  You can see echoes of the roots of Steinle’s murder (and countless similar murders) by examining Plan de San Diego.

The Pledge of Allegiance calls for “one country, indivisible.” The fact it is still in one tattered piece is only due to concerted efforts of those who have recognized and opposed assaults against our republic for centuries.

The move to have California withdraw from the Union fits nicely with the original goals of the Plan de San Diego and with La Raza Unida. If they can cut this state from the herd, it is a sitting duck for a new alliance leaning toward Mexico. (and maybe Cuba?)

Millennials, who have been programed to believe all history began at their birth and ends at their death, are incapable of connecting the dots of history. This dooms them to repeat history’s mistakes.

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