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DNC Conventions’ Most Uncomfortable Moments

July 31, 2016   The Democrats’ convention was painful to watch for many reasons. Perhaps one of the most painful was watching Bernie’s face as Hillary damned him with faint praise after her nomination was secure and his endorsement had been wrung out of him. His expressions as she droned on and on and on […]


June 22, 2016     Hillary is missing key elements that helped the first Clinton administration to hang on through two terms and to escape the worst image-killing effects of Bill’s governance. ADVISERS: A. Bill Clinton: Wisely surrounded himself with effective advisors that were willing to buck the president and guide the wheels of his […]

Packing the Supreme Court

          March 31, 2016       The concept of a political system based on checks and balances  has always been anathema to those who believe they can wield power and run the country better than anyone else. Obama’s eagerness to tip the balance of the Supreme Court to the far […]


March 6, 2016   Presidential Primaries are flawed in a way that local and state elections are not. I never could figure out how a winner could be declared in a race in which votes are divided between multiple candidates without a runoff. In most elections, if more than 2 candidates are running and none […]

A Third Term for Obama?

August 1, 2105 Texas Governor Mariam Ferguson Obama may be planning to take a page out of Governors James and Mariam Ferguson’s book. While speaking in Kenya, Obama made a wistful joke about the US constitution’s prohibition against his third term; but since when does the constitution amount to a hill of beans if it […]

Mayor Guiliani Speaks Truth to Power

 As of the date of posting you have joined 1407 other followers  If you have just joined the site, please feel welcome to join our discussions and post your comments at the bottom. My Facebook page also contains issues not covered in this blog. February 22, 2015 Voltaire said “to learn who rules over you, […]


“Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” -Galatians 6:7 No truer words have ever been spoken; it is clear you can’t plant wheat and harvest oats. You can’t plant squash and harvest water-melons. So what on this earth made voters think they could dip into […]