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October 25, 2016 According to Wikipedia, executive orders were granted to the president in order to: “. . .  help officers and agencies of the executive branch manage the operations within the federal government itself. Executive orders have the full force of law when they take authority from a legislative power which grants its power […]

DNC Conventions’ Most Uncomfortable Moments

July 31, 2016   The Democrats’ convention was painful to watch for many reasons. Perhaps one of the most painful was watching Bernie’s face as Hillary damned him with faint praise after her nomination was secure and his endorsement had been wrung out of him. His expressions as she droned on and on and on […]


February 27, 2016 In 1994 a, woman tourist was viciously attacked in Guatemala  because the natives erroneously believed she was there to steal their children for Americans to adopt.  Their attitude was not uncommon throughout Central and South America. All of a sudden, the same people are perfectly willing to put their minor children on […]


                  November 30, 2015   During the 1960’s a friend gave me a copy of Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” (written in the 1930’s),  saying, “You’ve got to read this book.” Since the 2008 election Progressive progress Rand so accurately warned against has been on steroids. Several recent […]


        Wouldn’t it be nice to have a president that isn’t afraid to stand up and say, “You’re Fired?” Here are some good candidates for firing: Attorney General. We need one that enforces the constitution and the law and that personally follows the law. We must have one that is truly color […]

The Most Litigious Administration Ever

This blog has 1437 followers as of February 25, 2015     PART 1 BANKRUPTING AMERICAN WITH LAWSUITS Lawsuits are flying fast and furious between the states and the federal government. I have been unable to determine how much taxpayers’ money the federal government spends on these suits and how many of them there really […]

Mayor Guiliani Speaks Truth to Power

 As of the date of posting you have joined 1407 other followers  If you have just joined the site, please feel welcome to join our discussions and post your comments at the bottom. My Facebook page also contains issues not covered in this blog. February 22, 2015 Voltaire said “to learn who rules over you, […]

The Statutory Rape of the United States

College government professors speak of three types of law:     Common Law: Evolved out of primitive efforts of past societies to bring order and justice to their dealings with one another. Legislators have long looked toward common law as a guide and Judges have long incorporated common law in developing precedent—unless the law has […]


The underlying theme of Obama’s initial candidacy was the notion that the man was capable of changing the entire world. He so bought into his own voodoo, that he traveled to Germany, speaking to his fellow Citizens of the World. His fellow International Citizens could now beat their swords into plowshares. The lion would lie […]


What kind of reaction should we expect from other countries when our foreign policy is rife with mixed messages?  The question was asked by “Politico” in an article called “Barack Obama’s Mixed Messages.” Mixed messages denote uncertainty, waffling and weakness. As the old saying goes, “Give them an inch and they will take a mile.” […]