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Help! I’ve Fallen in the Donut Hole and I Can’t Get Up

September 7, 2016   I’m one of those people who faithfully reads the booklets Medicare sends out each year. I am especially alert to changes that impact my pocketbook. I have changed providers as my needs mesh better with a different company. In the fourteen years I have been on Medicare, I have been aware […]

Being Whacked by Obamacare

Someone very near and dear to me has very recently had surgery for cancer. After being released after 30 something hours, he and his spouse had to spend a couple nights in a motel to avoid the long drive home. His surgery was four hours late because of complications with the two patients that preceded […]


According to writer Rick Wells, there are only 11 hospital beds in the United States qualified to accept highly infectious diseases such as Ebola. Many of the 219 million Americans and approx 12 million or more illegal aliens in this country may soon be competing for those 11 beds. The usual government solutions to such […]

COPY OF THE LAW ESTABLISHING OBAMA’S PRIVATE ARMY assures you there is no cause to be concerned. Move on down the road, people; there is nothing to see here. Why should you worry when only the surgeon general can call up Obama’s corp? For starters, most people don’t even know who the surgeon general is. Actually it seems we only have an […]


Wake up America You thought you elected a president from the Democrat Party, but what you actually got was a president who sprung from New Party. Never heard of it? That is not surprising since many of the major media seem to subscribe to the same tenets that drove Richard Cloward and key founder of […]


HOMELAND SECURITY POLICE VEHICLE SPOTTED IN COLORADO Reckon there is a medical emergency there? If you click on the picture you can see the logo and “Homeland Security” printed on the fender. I heard Obama say in one of his early campaign speeches prior to being elected president that he intended to have a civilian […]


THROWING THOR’S HAMMER IN THE HEALTH CARE WORKS Health Care companies have been blindfolded and told to spin gold out of flax in a back room. This has occurred because of mountains of pages of regulations (aprox13,000 in May of 2013) that continue to be piled on top of the unwieldy health care law—so many […]


     Only days ago Obama and the Democrats in the Senate were offered a bi-partisan life-line by the House, along with Ted Cruz and the Republicans in the Senate. Instead of grabbing the lifeline and gaining points for bi-partianship on their own scoreboard, Democrats elected to shoot the messengers. They programmed in enough collateral damage to […]

Rush Limbaugh Lays it On the Line

It is difficult to understand how any thinking person could continue to believe that Obamacare was designed to help the American people. The consequences of continuing to believe and support this monstrosity are too terrible to contemplate. Rush has laid out the ramifications in a way that should be read by every single American Citizen […]