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Never Trust Anyone Over Thirty

October 9, 2016       The radicals of the 1960’s were determined to separate the young from their elders with ties to tradition and an eye of historical lessons. Instead of “those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it” they substituted a mantra of “Never Trust Anyone Over Thirty.” It […]


June 22, 2016     Hillary is missing key elements that helped the first Clinton administration to hang on through two terms and to escape the worst image-killing effects of Bill’s governance. ADVISERS: A. Bill Clinton: Wisely surrounded himself with effective advisors that were willing to buck the president and guide the wheels of his […]


December 1, 2015 Climate change is the most serious problem facing us today! So says our fearless leader and his cohorts. Perhaps that is the reason we have severely pulled our punches in fighting terrorism. It took France to bomb ISIS headquarters after the attack on Paris. They knew exactly where the headquarters were and […]


        Wouldn’t it be nice to have a president that isn’t afraid to stand up and say, “You’re Fired?” Here are some good candidates for firing: Attorney General. We need one that enforces the constitution and the law and that personally follows the law. We must have one that is truly color […]

A Third Term for Obama?

August 1, 2105 Texas Governor Mariam Ferguson Obama may be planning to take a page out of Governors James and Mariam Ferguson’s book. While speaking in Kenya, Obama made a wistful joke about the US constitution’s prohibition against his third term; but since when does the constitution amount to a hill of beans if it […]

The Critical 10th Amendment and Why You Should Care

April 25, 2015 Roger Wicker has just published a post in Townhall which analyzes the unprecedented seizure of power by the Executive Branch. Patriots are working to give the states more standing in court to challenge the unlawful seizure of their own powers. I have covered the incredible cost of the litigation that has sprung […]

The Most Litigous Administration Ever – Part 3

March 25, 2015 WEAPONIZING AMERICA’S COURTS THE POLITICS OF PERSONAL DESTRUCTION  In 1966, Richard Cloward and Francis Fox Piven developed a plan for taking down our society by overwhelming it with welfare to the point the system collapses. Their plan was named, “A Strategy To End Poverty.” Their plan was set in motion by Lyndon […]

Mayor Guiliani Speaks Truth to Power

 As of the date of posting you have joined 1407 other followers  If you have just joined the site, please feel welcome to join our discussions and post your comments at the bottom. My Facebook page also contains issues not covered in this blog. February 22, 2015 Voltaire said “to learn who rules over you, […]


The underlying theme of Obama’s initial candidacy was the notion that the man was capable of changing the entire world. He so bought into his own voodoo, that he traveled to Germany, speaking to his fellow Citizens of the World. His fellow International Citizens could now beat their swords into plowshares. The lion would lie […]


Wake up America You thought you elected a president from the Democrat Party, but what you actually got was a president who sprung from New Party. Never heard of it? That is not surprising since many of the major media seem to subscribe to the same tenets that drove Richard Cloward and key founder of […]