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Democrats and theTrolley Problem

August 16, 2016





In 1967 Philippa Foot challenged us with the moral and ethical Trolley Problem

Her hypothetical situation places you on a bridge overlooking a trolley track. The track splits into two tracks and both have men upon them. On one side five men are eating lunch and playing a game of cards. On the other track is one man who appears to be sleeping. A runaway trolley suddenly bears down toward the split in the tracks that leads to the five men. They are all too far away to hear you. Suddenly you see the track switch only a couple of feet away. If you throw the switch only one man will die. So what would you do?

In this scenario, the majority chose the option of sacrificing the one to save the many; however as different scenarios present themselves the choices become more difficult.

One of the options involves pushing a very heavy man in front of the trolley to possibly slow it down in time to save people further down the track. When you have to actually place your hands on someone to cause their death, the majority elect to sacrifice the people down the tracks.

Different versions of the problem involve a child on one side and old people on the other.

Rick Coste proposes another scenario whereby a physician sacrifices one patient to save five with harvested organs.

Don’t scoff. This scenario has become fact with the harvesting and selling of aborted fetus body parts.

Obviously the further the decision maker is removed from the blood and gore of his decisions, the easier they are to make.

This is the reason political leaders, especially those of the Democrat Party, are so certain of their course they are willing to sacrifice the good of the many for the benefit of the few. Government leaders have so distanced themselves from the sacrifices they demand, they are hardened to the pain, suffering or elimination of their sacrificial  goats.

Democrats in particular have distilled their choices of which lever to throw in favor of their chosen minorities. This is why they get their noses bent out of shape when a criminal is killed by the police but ignore the wholesale slaughter of blacks by blacks.

two incidents

It is the reason Democrats chose to pull the lever against the coal industry, fracking, land ownership and other things that might offend their one man on the track. It is also the reason liberals are finding themselves as the the ones being sacrificed as their premiums and deductibles soar under Obamacare. They never saw that particular trolley car coming straight at them, despite shouted warnings from conservatives.

Socialism and Communism are the ultimate expressions of sacrificing the rights of the individual for the so-called “collective good of all.”

When people go to vote in November they need to ask themselves if they want are willing to be the fat person that is to be shoved onto the trolley tracks.

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