Musings by Marian

Reflections from the Golden Years


June 20, 2017



One of the primary functions of our government is to protect its citizens.

Part of that responsibility is to encourage our friends and discourage our enemies.

Through several Democrat administrations, the opposite has been true, especially beginning with Jimmy Carter. President Carter never met an enemy he did not love, beginning with the Ayatollah Khomeiniof Iran and extending to North Korea.

Carters solution to keep these people from attacking us was to throw more and money at them; while weakening our country to deal with threats; a policy embraced by both Clinton and Obama.

It appears the crows will come home to nest in our hair as both enemies become stronger and stronger while our military is at a low, both in man power and equipment.

Remember, Obama abandoned huge amounts of equipment and supplies in Iraq, which were promptly picked up by Isis. (Wonder if that was a mistake?) He sent 1.7 billion in cash alone to Iran.

Now it is announced that North Korea has stockpiledĀ  huge amounts of biological weapons along with the means of delivering them.

A president who is determined to reverse these horrible policies is under full-scale attack to weaken or get rid of him so that we can continue our relentless march to ultimate defeat.