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June 22, 2016



Hillary is missing key elements that helped the first Clinton administration to hang on through two terms and to escape the worst image-killing effects of Bill’s governance.


A. Bill Clinton: Wisely surrounded himself with effective advisors that were willing to buck the president and guide the wheels of his wagon back onto firm ground. Advisers like Dick Morris looked at situations with an eye to what is actually good for the country and those actions that were destructive or counter-productive. I believe that it was to adviser Dick Morris that Bill once complained “they” were pulling him so far to the left that he couldn’t even recognize himself.

B. Hillary Clinton: Has surrounded herself with agenda-driven people and yes-(wo)men that are concerned only with group-driven issues such as unfettered LGBT rights, unfettered abortion, unfettered immigration, and so-called women’s issues. The Bernie candidacy has pulled Hillary even further to the left. The point could be made Hillary was already there and was mouthing middle-of-the road platitudes to satisfy independent voters. If she chooses someone like Elizabeth Warren or other far-left candidates for VP, the pretense would be exposed.

Along those same lines, Bill Clinton was faced with a congress that were not afraid to stand up to him–to provide the counter balance that was designed to keep the different branches of our government from overstepping their bounds. Current gutless opposition leaders in congress have folded like a cheap umbrella during the Obama administration, paving the way for future progressive presidents to impose their will on the American public as they choose.


Economic growth has momentum. Momentum upward tends to be much slower, while a mismanaged economy can quickly take a steep dive. Reagan was able to wrestle the Carter malaise into a healthy economy in spite of a savings and loan crash due to long-term poor management of that industry.

A. Bill Clinton: Escaped the effects of the Carter Administration. A congress that did its job of checks and balances under the expert hand of Newt Gingrich handed Bill credit he did not deserve for economic gains during his administration. Clinton (and his fellow Democrats) happily took credit for an improved economy due to welfare reform. You would have thought they originated the idea. In truth Bill vetoed reform twice before it was crammed down his throat. Bill Clinton placed Carter’s Community Development Act on steroids, guaranteeing a real estate crash after he left office. Timing is everything; he correctly counted on blame for the inevitable crash falling on his successor. The economy was already on a downhill slide as Bill prepared to leave office. He had squandered all the gains made during the previous two administrations.

B. Hillary Clinton: Despite trying to pull the wool over the American Public’s eyes, current president Obama is leaving the next president with the highest public debt ever and one of the highest numbers of actually unemployed workers ever. To add insult to injury, the next president will inherit the worst record of GDP since records have been kept. Since there is every indication Hillary will not only continue the Obama policies but will double down on them, she is more likely to preside over a massive economic crash—which she of course will blame on Republicans.


A: Bill Clinton: Inherited Reagan’s 1986 bill for immigration reform which included paths to citizenship and promised reducing the flow of illegal immigrants by punishing employers that broke the law and hired people without green cards. Reagan’s efforts to reach across the aisle for a compromise agreement blew up in his face. At the time the bill was passed, I made the observation the provisions that would fine employers who hired illegal aliens would never be enforced to any meaningful extent. As it turned out, employers were punished only spasmodically and for show. Lack of enforcement rendered the bill essentially useless. By not enforcing the heart of the bill, the feds left the border states to fend for themselves.  Not content with sticking the border states with the bill for border security, the feds have teamed up with sanctuary cities to neutralize the efforts of state and local governments to enforce the law at every turn.

B:Hillary Clinton: The winner of the 2016 election, whether Hillary or someone else, will inherit the overwhelming effects of unfettered immigration These effects include increasing health problems due to an influx of diseases that had virtually disappeared from the country; the cost of maintaining unemployed (or unemployable) immigrants with tax payers’ money, and ever increasing violence. Hillary will fall back on Obama’s method of fooling the public by putting out false statistics about crime, unemployment and the state of the economy. Sooner or later these issues will reach the breaking point and the public will have to face the truth.

If Republicans control the government at the time the piper arrives to be paid—they will be blamed for the crash. If Democrats control the government at that time—they count on their loyal followers and a complicit media to still blame the vast right wing for the fall.

If the administration and the press are successfully able to blame Christians/gun owners for the massacre in Orlando, progressives may well pull this off.

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