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Never Trust Anyone Over Thirty

October 9, 2016




The radicals of the 1960’s were determined to separate the young from their elders with ties to tradition and an eye of historical lessons. Instead of “those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it” they substituted a mantra of “Never Trust Anyone Over Thirty.”

It has taken decades and an almost complete takeover of the nation’s educational system to effectively sever America’s youth from the lessons of history. Part of that schism was to rewrite history itself; therefore our youth believe that FDR saved the country and Reagan practically destroyed it.

The destruction of America’s culture was never easy. Many of our basic and core values were set in granite blocks;  therefore it has taken decades of chipping at the granite block of our national psyche to reduce our culture to a pile of chips.

Radical Leftist/Progressive/Marxists are determined their new culture be as set in granite as our former values were. In order to make it permanent they had to program Baby Boomers and Millennials to resist with all their beings any attempts to bring information or advice that is counter to radical propaganda. Decades of spoon-feeding youth through a corrupted educational system has made their dreams a reality.

Sixties radicals like Bill Ayers and his wife Bernadette Dohrn, Jane Fonda and her ex-husband Tom Hayden and their followers and cohorts have long since passed into advanced age they once detested with all their beings.

That is why it is so surprising their hand-picked candidates, with the exception of Obama are in their seventies or rapidly approaching that decade. Even Obama’s vice-president was another old, white male.  Liberals beat a lot of drums about their hatred of old, white men so how do they explain Biden? How about the success of Bernie Sanders’ campaign among young people? How do they explain many of their choices for representatives; for the Senate?

The fact is they feel no need to explain. A generation and part of another knows it is not theirs to question why; it is theirs to do or die—but only for liberal ideology.

Hillary Clinton runs counter to most of their criteria—except for the fact she has presented herself as one who will be putty in the hands of the her supporters from the fringes of the far left.

Her husband Bill once told Dick Morris that “they” were pulling him so far left he did not even recognize himself. His wife rushes for the extremes of the far left with wide welcoming arms.

In some perverse way, our youth have been convinced to trust and support people who are not only over thirty but have demonstrated over and over again they cannot be trusted.

Never before have almost half the American public pledged their undying allegiance to a leader who has been the recipient of four Pinocchio’s for egregious lies that even the lapdog media could not cover up or spin.

When the highest institutions in our land that have been charged with upholding our laws, protecting our citizens and our liberty abandons that charge to cover for a pathological liar and manipulator, we have nothing of substance left.

Our youth has sold our freedom for a mess of pottage along with hopes of free tuition and medical care they will never be asked to help pay for—or so they think.

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