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Reflections from the Golden Years


June 22, 2016     Hillary is missing key elements that helped the first Clinton administration to hang on through two terms and to escape the worst image-killing effects of Bill’s governance. ADVISERS: A. Bill Clinton: Wisely surrounded himself with effective advisors that were willing to buck the president and guide the wheels of his […]

New Unemployment Rate is Actually 37.4%

JUNE 3, 2016 NEW JOB FIGURES PLUMMETING   According the the National League of Cities, there are 39,044 cities, towns, etc in the United States. The so-called new jobs involve less than one job per town. With new workers pouring across our borders; with new workers graduating from universities and entering the labor market, we […]

Hair of the Dog that Bit You

June 1, 2016 From Whitewater to Fannie Mae       I was pleased to see Townhall post a reminder  this week that the Clintons played a large part in the collapse of Fannie Mae. Voters that ignore this fact must be determined to see history repeat itself. The community redevelopment act Larry Kudlow referred […]

Packing the Supreme Court

          March 31, 2016       The concept of a political system based on checks and balances  has always been anathema to those who believe they can wield power and run the country better than anyone else. Obama’s eagerness to tip the balance of the Supreme Court to the far […]


March 6, 2016   Presidential Primaries are flawed in a way that local and state elections are not. I never could figure out how a winner could be declared in a race in which votes are divided between multiple candidates without a runoff. In most elections, if more than 2 candidates are running and none […]


March 4, 2016 Or do they? “(CNSNews) With a smiling Vice President Joe Biden sitting beside him, President Barack Obama gave a speech at the White House today, declaring that ‘the facts don’t lie’ and that the American economy ‘is pretty darn good right now.’” Facts don’t lie, but economists (and politicians) do. In a […]


February 27, 2016 In 1994 a, woman tourist was viciously attacked in Guatemala  because the natives erroneously believed she was there to steal their children for Americans to adopt.  Their attitude was not uncommon throughout Central and South America. All of a sudden, the same people are perfectly willing to put their minor children on […]

February 11, 2016

“. . .Must Be Broken Or It Will Break Us.”

If Jefferson could see this coming so clearly way two hundred and one years ago, why are so many blind in a world with information at our fingertips? In January of 1815, Thomas Jefferson wrote a letter to James Monroe (who later served as our 5th President, 1817-25)a warning : “The dominion which the banking […]


December 7, 2015     Twelve European countries have almost passed the point of no return in their failure to avert the invasion of their countries. Here in the United States, our current leaders are doing everything in their power to bring the United States to the same tipping point from which there will be […]


 December 3, 2015   Right up until the time of the attack in San Bernardino, our president, his lackeys and their leftist-tool media were scoffing at our concerns about the impossibility of the state department “vetting” the so-called refugees they are bringing here in droves. “Why should we fear families? Grandmothers and young mother’s with […]

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