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Swallowing the Camel

October 12, 2016

bactrian camel. Isolated on white



In Matthew 23:24 Jesus admonished followers not to strain out a gnat (to save their tender throats) only to swallow a camel like the Pharisees did.

By the time it was paraphrased by my family it became: Don’t gag at a gnat and swallow a camel. If you need a translation, it means you don’t step over really, really, egregious, horrible stuff and suddenly pick up something small and blow it way out of proportion.

The current contretemps over the tape of Donald Trump’s bragging about his virility in a “locker room” conversation with an equally guilty journalist Billy Bush (apparently no relation to the Bush family presidential dynasty) is a prime example.

Do I find it sophomoric and reprehensible he said that? Yes I do. Do I find what Hillary did against women who had been actually raped by her husband more reprehensible? Certainly.

Do I wish we had better candidates? Yes, but our choices are between these two.

The Democrat Party and liberals in general have bulldozed us into a society where anything sexual goes, but they are shocked, I tell you shocked, that any man would engage in this type conversation.

In real locker rooms, sports figures are coming forth to swear, I tell you swear men never engage in this type of talk.

Among the herds of camels liberals have swallowed are the drowning death of a woman by Ted Kennedy. Liberals kept returning him to office until he died—but not before he damaged our Republic over and over again. I don’t need to recount Bill’s sins. You all know them well. ∴ Camel Swallowed


Our current president in the White House welcomes with open arms rappers and singers who make worse remarks about women and even encourage cop killing. The same people back Hillary. ∴ Camel Swallowed

Liberals turn their backs on criminal actions that would put anyone else in prison if performed by ordinary people. ∴ Camel Swallowed

Liberals turn their backs on clear cut evidence of lying, cheating and worse—as long at the perp is one of their own. ∴ Camel Swallowed

Liberals ignored and protected people like Jane Fonda who committed unmistakable treason during the Viet Nam War. Fonda, along with husband Tom Hayden, Bill Ayers and all the sixties radicals caused us to lose a war we were winning. But liberals could care less.               ∴ Camel Swallowed

If you need proof, then see how one of Clinton’s close workers bragged on how he could get by with worse because he is a Democrat.          ∴ Camel Swallowed

The biggest mistake Trump made was not running as a Democrat. If he had, the entire media would have dedicated themselves to not only promoting him–the incident ten years ago would never have seen the light of day. Perhaps he had gagged on too many of their camels and that is why he decided to run as a Republican.Hillary will probably win this election because of a ten-year old conversation. If voters swallow the camels of her misdeeds and gag at the gnat of Trump’s misstep, we will, as Alexander D’Tocqueville said, “. . . get the government we deserve.”

Unfortunately, those of us that do not deserve Hillary will be punished right along with the rest of you.

Note: For digging the tape out of the sewer where he stored it, Billy Bush will likely lose his job for not giving his superiors time to edit him out of the tape before it found its way into other hands. Awwwwwww  Talk about being hoist on his own petard.

If you want a really funny analysis by a Brit, check this one out.

I agree with her. Do you?


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