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January 15, 2017





Our society’s  landscape is littered with debris of policies and ideas that started out with the best of intentions. At the top of the list is tenure for college and university professors/teachers.

What began as a lofty idea of ensuring the free flow of ideas has been weaponized to silence those whose ideas do not fit the dogma of liberal administrations. Liberals have spent decades seizing control of higher-learning institutions in order to shut down opposing views.

While institutions allow liberal professors to enjoy protection against losing their jobs no matter how egregious their exercise of free speech becomes, they have effectively shut down the same right for conservatives.

If applicants for teaching jobs of higher education are not willing to toe the rigid ideology line of liberal, entrenched power they are  SOL. Their only choices are to  muzzle their opinions; find positions in Christian Universities or fight. Slowly but surely, liberals have even made inroads into Christian Universities, so that door is closing.

It is way past time to eliminate professor tenure in colleges and universities.  There is no reason to give anyone that is not sitting on the Supreme Court a job for life, especially when the job has no ties whatsoever to performance. Universities have degenerated into giant indoctrination machines and places to promote unrest and anarchy.

Have you taken a good look at the disinformation and hatred coming out of our colleges and universities lately? Unfettered liberalism inevitably leads to the most degenerate forms of human behavior. The following are only a few of the administration-sanctioned examples of professors and students going amok. I urge you to follow each and every link in this post to view only a small part of the disaster public education has become.

If you think the Tennessee school is an anomaly check out the 10 worst anti-Semitic schools here.

If you are a white liberal you likely have no problem with courses that teach how awful you are.  This course should be a real job-getter after graduation, assuming you want to work for Reverand Al Sharpton George Soros, etc. after graduation. Unfortunately Saul Alinsky is no longer alive to make you the same offer he made Hillary Clinton.

We “deplorables”  have a problem with being mis-labeled with every derogatory term possible. Universities drum these characterizations into young pliable brains and then inoculate students against considering empirical evidence contrary of their dogma.

The push to shut down conservatives ideas is increasingly becoming ugly. If you are a liberal maybe you cheer when college conservatives are physically attacked:

DEAR ‘MEDIA’: College Republican President ASSAULTED – Is That A ‘HATE CRIME?’

Not content with attacking conservatives on campus; war is constantly waged against potential conservative speakers such as Condoleezza Rice and Tom Tancredo, who are invited to speak and then loudly and publicly shut down. To her credit, Rice saw through them and refused to play the game. Administrations that issue bogus invitations know full well what the end game will be. They can righteously claim they were being fair with the invites, but public opinion just got in the way.

Morton Blackwell organized The Leadership Institute as a forum for conservative students in an effort to restore the free exchange of ideas to student campuses. Their efforts are often met with loud protests and violence (a brick was thrown through a window to silence conservative speaker Tom Tancredo.) After the police were called, Tancredo’s speech was shut down–which of course was the objective. A number of other conservatives have been met with similar shut downs.

Since messages coming out of student newspapers and college/university curricula are controlled by liberals, the Leadership Institute encourages alternate student newspapers. Administrations are able to shut down alternate newspapers (and gatherings for that matter) by requiring ridiculous notices, fees and preventing the distribution of posters and media informing students of the time and places of meetings. Shutting down speakers and organization use some of the tactics here.

To return some semblance of sanity to upper education, tenure must be eliminated. The swamp must be drained before building a genuine open forum of ideas will be able to resume. Then it is up to parents and students to demand results.  Tuition and student loans have risen beyond justification for results produced. Most people send their children to school with the idea they are being prepared for life and careers, not as fodder to populate protests. Are they ever wrong. We are urged to accept deplorable results as “the new normal.”

If a bunch of liberal students can sue Trump University claiming money does not automatically fall into their pockets once they graduate, why are liberals so tolerant with worse results from the great liberal indoctrination factories? Each semester schools churn our hundreds of thousands of graduates that cannot find work. Clueless, jobless semi-adults live in their parents’ basements and  have no clue why they are there. I am acquainted with a young man in his 30’s who has two degrees (first one in philosophy) and a mountain of student debt. His job? He works in a warehouse inventorying product. A GED would have likely gotten him that job.

Indoctrinated graduates’ best bet is to get teaching jobs with liberal lower school administrations where they go on to indoctrinate students from K-12.

In addition to being indoctrinated in extreme ideas of the evils of energy in most forms and as advocates to save the planet, students are carried on  “field trips” to mosques where the boys kneel on prayer rugs and students are given copies of the Koran. Remember the video of the teacher who had her students at New Jersey’s B. Bernice Young Elementary School singing praises about President Obama? It was straight out of Chairman Mao’s schools in China. You Tube removed the video stating it violated their terms of service. No kidding? This was so over the top even the liberals noticed how inappropriate it was. Those of you who caught it before it was scrubbed remember the Obama, Obama, hmmmm, hmmmm, hmmmm refrain. Eight years later, liberals have become more emboldened as to what they can get away with, assuming the American Public cannot effectively deal with over-saturation of their tactics.

Around the country indoctrination on the lower levels include some of the following examples:

Students Take Field Trip to Mosque, Receive Koran

State Investigation Launched After Students Dress in Burqas

Very few conservative professors have chosen to stand and fight. A shining example is Mike Adams of the University of North Carolina-Wilmington.  Adams spent years in court to preserve his right to free speech and to gain the tenure that was denied him.

The administration’s loss to Adams must have been like swallowing a Velcro tennis ball, since Adams is not the least bit shy of pointing out the error of their ways, like this recent example.

Here is another excellent poke at the establishment by Mike.

To get an idea of how low our education processes have sunk, take a look at this professor who demands white Americans set up individual accounts to make reparations due to ancestor’s slave ownership. How on earth is he preparing students for a work world after graduation?

In England, students demand university remove white philosophers from their syllabus.

Laura Ingram tells of a professor who started class with this statement:

“If you are a conservative, you might as well leave this class because your views are not welcome here,”, also

“Conservatives are cheap. They don’t want to pay taxes because they[ve already raped this country and gotten everything out of it they possibly could,” also:

“Conservatism champions racism, exploitation and imperialist war,” also:

“The history of the Soviet Union is the most falsified. I have yet to find on crime Stalin committed. They say he killed 20,  30, 40 million people. It’s bullshit.”

If you want to encourage the work of the Leadership Institute, the address is 1101 N. Highland Street, Arlington, VA 22201.

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